Important Dharma information: Khenpo Sodargye's lectures in Sweden


Khenpo Sodargye is a Tibetan Buddhist master with world influence, trained thoroughly in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. With the wish to help more people understand the essence of the Buddhadharma, Khenpo has been using modern approaches extensively. He is a Buddhist spiritual mentor who has lectured in nearly 100 universities worldwide, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Gottingen, Tsinghua and Peking University, to name a few.

Biography of Khenpo:


Khenpo Sodargye's three lectures in Sweden.

1. Lecture at Stockholm University, The Popularity of Tibetan Buddhism in Present-day China and in the West: Similarities and differences, 20th January 2017

2 Lecture at Östasiatiska museet, A Rare Kind of Happiness: The Heart Sutra, 21th January 2017

3 Lecture at Lund University, De två sanningarna (satyadvaya) i ett språkfilosofiskt perspektiv, 24th January 2017


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